Restoring Macomb Township Home After Water Damage

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Drying wet bathroom flooring - Macomb, MI

We at HC Marketer don’t only restore the property, but we also restore peace of heart. We had the pleasure of tackling a large-scale water damage restoration project recently in Macomb Township. It was a challenging and rewarding experience. This blog will take you through the highlights of this project, from the damage assessment to the final touch-up.

Water damage doesn’t only mean soaked carpets or warped furniture. Water damage is not just about soaking carpets and warped furniture. It can also affect the structural integrity of your home, which could compromise its safety. The water intrusion in this project affected several rooms – from the basement kitchen to the bathroom and even complex components such as cabinetry.

When the homeowner noticed that their kitchen cabinets in the basement were damp, they first discovered the problem. The homeowner was shocked to discover that the water problem had grown so large it required professional assistance. The HC Marketer team was able to take action after they contacted us.

Our primary task was to dry the basement kitchen cabinets structurally. Our team has experience in dealing with cabinetry that is intricate and can contain moisture in nooks, crannies, and other places. Our team used advanced drying methods to ensure all hidden moisture pockets were addressed. This protected the cabinets against potential mold growth as well as structural deterioration.

We then turned our attention to a bathroom where the floor absorbed considerable water. In this case, we used our vane axial vacuum cleaner, the latest technology. This equipment is a powerful piece that speeds up evaporation, making drying faster and more efficient. The air mover was strategically placed to ensure maximum drying within the shortest possible time.



We needed to ensure we didn’t leave any moisture behind as we moved through the drying stages.  Tramex Moisture Meter, one of the industry’s most reliable moisture meters, was used to find any residual moisture on the cabinets and floors. This device allows us to measure moisture levels accurately and ensures that no water is left to cause future problems like mold growth or material degradation.

We put the comfort and convenience of the homeowner first throughout the entire process. Our project managers answered their questions, addressed their concerns, and informed them about each step.

We completed a comprehensive post-restoration check. We looked for signs of moisture or structural instability. We left no stone unturned to ensure the quality of our work and safety.

We are proud of our work in Macomb Township. But to say we’re happy about it would be a lie. Our real success is knowing that we restored property and a home for one of our clients.

HC Marketer is a water damage restoration company and a group of professionals dedicated to providing the best service possible in times of crisis. Remember that water damage can happen when you’re not expecting it. We are only a phone call away.

Do not hesitate to contact HC Marketer if you or someone you know has a similar situation. Call HC Marketer at (248) 469-4700 today. We will act quickly and give you a stress-free and comprehensive water damage restoration service. HC Marketer is more than just a restoration company. It’s peace of mind.