Understanding Water Damage Categories and Their Implications

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Not all water damage is created equal in the world of restoration. Water damage is classified into three categories by industry, with each category having its concerns and methods for cleaning and repair. HC Marketer is your trusted Water Damage Restoration Service for Macomb & Oakland Counties. We’re happy to share our insights on these categories and how they affect your home or business.

Category 1, Clean Water

This category is water that comes from a source deemed safe for humans. Some examples include a broken water supply line, a tub or sink overflow, or an appliance malfunction involving water supply pipes.

Implications: Although this is a less hazardous category, rapid action is still required. Untreated, what begins as Category 1 may quickly degrade into Category 2 or 3

Category 2 – Grey Water

Grey water can contain significant amounts of contaminants, such as microorganisms, and nutrients for microorganisms. These contaminants may cause discomfort or illness if consumed or in contact with humans. The sources can be discharges from washing machines and dishwashers. They may also come from overflowing toilet bowls that contain some urine but no feces.

Implications: Due to contaminants, grey water must be handled and disposed of carefully. It can become black water if not cleaned properly and promptly. This poses serious health risks as well as potential property damage.

Black Water

This is the worst category. This water is highly contaminated and may contain pathogens or toxins. Sources of black water include sewer backups and flooding in rivers or streams. Toilet overflows with feces, or stagnant, stagnant, or stagnant toilets can also cause water.

Implications: Black water is a severe health risk and should only be cleaned by professionals. This requires thorough cleaning, drying, and sanitization. In some cases, structural repairs and material removal may be necessary.

What does this mean for you?

Water damage affects the entire restoration process. It impacts safety measures, cleaning procedures, and costs. The category also determines the urgency of your response. It is essential to act quickly, regardless of the category. This will prevent further damage or health risks.

We are equipped to deal with any water damage. Our experts follow industry standards to ensure a safe and effective cleanup. We will return your property to its original, safe condition.

Do not try to fix water damage alone in Macomb or Oakland Counties. Call HC Marketer instead at 248-469-4700. Our team of experts is available 24 hours a day to help you assess the damage, provide guidance, and restore the water damage. We’re ready to restore your peace of mind, regardless of the extent or type of damage.

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